Shows & Exhibitors

Become a Promoter

Per Chapter 8, Section 8-67 of the City of St. Joseph Code of Ordinances, "all shows and exhibitions of a temporary nature (not exceeding two weeks in duration) held in a common building or area, involving multiple individual exhibits or booths, of a common or compatible nature, and promoted by an organization or individual shall be designated as shows and exhibitions..."

Promoters of such shows or exhibitions are required to present a complete listing of all individual exhibitors to the city's customer service - email customer service division and pay a fee equal to $5 per exhibitor for the entire show or exhibition. The Licensing Division shall validate the listing upon payment of the necessary fees and meeting of any other code requirements, and the promoter shall prominently display such lists at the entrance to the exhibitor show area throughout the duration of the event.


All such shows or exhibits held in the civic arena or promoted by a city department and held upon city property shall be exempt from the licensing fees required under this item. This list should be provided to via email to customer service no later than seven days prior to the first rental day to avoid any last minute problems.

A listing of any noncompliant vendors will be submitted to the promoters, and vendors not in compliance will be notified by the Customer Service Division directly with the requirement of compliance prior to the event to participate.

Business License

Each promoter will receive a business license for the show / event for display when all information has been received. This license should be on display during the event per Section 8-53.

Vendor - What to Include

The listing of vendors should include:

  • Contact Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone Number
  • Tax Identification Number 
  • Vendor Name