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Tourism Commission
Members are
Richard DeShon
Term expires March 13, 2021

James Lehr 
Term expires March 13, 2022

Gary Westcott, Jr.
Term expires March 13, 2022

Matthew Robertson
Term expires March 13, 2020

Benjamin Fliegel 
Term expires March 13, 2020

About the Commission
The commission shall have and may exercise only the powers, functions and duties pursuant to Section 67.1364 RSMo, as amended. The Commission shall annually elect a chairman from one of its members.

There are five members appointed by the mayor with council approval to include:

One member shall be a representative of the hotel and motel industry.
Two members shall be active in the tourism industry.
Two members shall have local general business interests.

One member of the council shall be appointed by the mayor with the consent of the majority of the City Council to serve as a non-voting liaison. Members serve three year terms.

Meeting shall be held at such times as are necessary to carry out the required duties