As part of an ongoing program which catalogs each pothole in each district, a Public Works & Transportation supervisor drives every street in the city by work district twice a year. Each pothole is logged; large and dangerous holes are logged separately. The pothole crew then uses this list to determine where to patch. Large and dangerous holes are completed first. Completion dates, man hours, and materials are all tracked in a computer.

The street division patches potholes in the traveled portion of the roadway. When a request is received, the pothole is usually patched within two working days of receiving notice, unless severe weather/emergency operations interfere. Although the city is responsible for patching potholes in the traveled portion of the roadway, this does not, however, include driveway entrances or curbs and gutters.

The city has the capability to use hot mix asphalt nearly year round. Severe cold or winter storms, however, will sometimes limit access to hot mix, which necessitates using cold mix asphalt, which isn't as durable.