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I'm on septic, how can I get connected to the City sewer?
Depending on the location of the closest main sewer line, it may as simple as hiring a plumber to make the connection. If you are too far from a main line and the sewer would need to be extended to your property, there is a program available through the City called a Neighborhood Improvement District (NID). It is likely that if you are on a septic system that many of your neighbors are as well and they may want to pursue a NID through the City with you. A NID is formed to show the City that your neighborhood would like a main sewer and then the City would meet with you and your neighbors to discuss the feasibility of extending the sewer. The costs of the sanitary sewer would be borne by the neighbors in the NID. The process is a bit more complex than this, please contact us for further details.

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4. I'm on septic, how can I get connected to the City sewer?
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