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How is the Bidder’s List Used?
Invitations for Bids, or some other method of solicitation, will be sent to those vendors appearing on the bidders list.

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1. What type of bids are advertised and where?
2. What is a Bidder’s List?
3. How do get on the Bidder’s List?
4. What happens after I submit my Vendor Application?
5. How is the Bidder’s List Used?
6. What is a purchase order?
7. Can I review specifications?
8. What is an addendum?
9. What is a bid security?
10. Is bid security a set amount?
11. If bid security is required how should it be submitted?
12. Will my bid security be returned?
13. What is a bid opening?
14. Who do I contact if I have a question or complaint about Prevailing Wage?
15. What is a performance bond?
16. What happens if a vendor fails to perform?
17. What does it mean when a bid is rejected?
18. How do I get the results of a bid?
19. Can I review bids submitted by other vendors?