The Woolly Mammoth

Woolly mammoth exhibitThe woolly mammoth and baby create a memorable signature exhibit at the Remington Nature Center. At replica size, this exhibit allows visitors to comprehend the height and appearance of these Ice Age creatures, and allows patrons to step back thousands of years ago to a different time in Northwest Missouri's history.

Taylor Studios in Rantoul, Illinois designed the mammoths, as well as the scene around them. Specializing in museum-quality replicas, Taylor Studios creates lifelike exhibits for educational facilities around the United States including the National Civil War Museum in Pennsylvania, the Lewis and Clark Interpretative Center in North Dakota, and the National World War I Museum in Kansas City, Kansas.

A member of the Elephantidae family, mammoths often grew 16-foot tusks, and could survive up to 60 years of age. They ate 130 to 660 pounds of food per day, and produced 31 to 400 pounds of dung daily. These social creatures lived right here in Northwest Missouri. Don't believe it? Perhaps the mammoth bones-the tusk, femur, humerus, tibia and mammoth teeth all found in Northwest Missouri-and also on display at the Remington Nature Center-will convince you.

Baby mammoth exhbit