Sunshine Law Request

The city of St. Joseph is dedicated to government transparency and compliance with Missouri’s Sunshine Law and the city’s Open Meetings and Open Records Ordinances.

Citizens may utilize the Sunshine Law Request Form to submit a request for open records. Simply enter your contact information and specify the documents or information you are requesting. The fees for researching documents that are responsive to a request are listed on the fees notice (PDF). Describing the specific documents sought can help minimize the cost. Certain documents and records can also be obtained through the following sources at no cost: 

A city staff member will attempt to fulfill all records requests within three business days. However, requests which require significant amounts of staff time or city resources may take longer to collect and may require pre-payment of the estimated research and production fee before the documents are prepared. All fees must be paid prior to the release of records.

More information about Missouri's Sunshine Law is available in the Missouri Sunshine Law booklet.