Comprehensive & Land Use Plan

Comprehensive Plan

Cities adopt comprehensive plans to guide and enhance planning efforts across different departments. The comprehensive plan adopted by the City of St. Joseph in 2022 has a planning horizon of approximately 20 years, and is designed to guide planning efforts within the city until the 2040s. The document is divided into 10 chapters with an appendix. A brief description of each chapter is listed below:

  1. Introduction - Defines the plan and highlights past plans that the Comprehensive Plan pulls from.
  2. Vision & Guiding Principles - Sets the goals of the plan.
  3. St. Joseph Today - Describes the existing demographic conditions in St. Joseph.
  4. Land Use & Urban Design - Documents the current uses of land, implements the new Future Land Use Plan, and highlights investment areas.
  5. Transportation & Connectivity - Shows existing transportation networks and provides goals for expansion and improvement.
  6. Housing & Neighborhoods - Provides housing affordability statistics and recommends action steps to provide environments for high-quality housing. 
  7. Parks & Wellness - Advises steps to expand and improve the park system.
  8. Economic Development - Describes potential avenues for economic development and growth.
  9. Public Facilities & Infrastructure - Shows the extent of public facilities and infrastructure and provides action steps for continued improvement and collaboration.
  10. Implementation - Highlights organizations and city departments to implement specific goals from different chapters.

Appendix - Compiles all maps and shows graphs of all survey data used to create the plan.

Click the link below to read the full document.

City of St. Joseph Comprehensive Plan (PDF)

Future Land Use Plan

The Future Land Use Plan sets goals for how the City plans to guide future development. The map as a standalone document can be found at the link below. It can also be found in the comprehensive plan on pages 47 and 135.

Future Land Use Plan (PDF)