Swimming Pools & Spas


Environmental health staff has, and maintains, a working knowledge of all applicable swimming pool and spa laws, rules, and regulations as set forth in Chapter 17, Article III, Sec. 17-81 through 105 of the Code of Ordinances, as well as any provisions set forth by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

Staff conduct annual sanitation and safety inspections, including necessary chemical testing of all public and semiprivate pools and spas permitted by the City of St. Joseph. Preconstruction plan reviews for new facilities, as well as preopening inspections prior to the opening of a new facility, are also completed by environmental health staff.

Each public or semipublic swimming pool, spa or similar facility must obtain a permit to construct for a new facility or an annual permit to operate. Each construction permit is a one-time fee of $50. A permit to operate is $75, will be valid for one year, and may be obtained at any time during the year, but all permits expire annually on June 30 of each calendar year. For more information about obtaining a public pool or spa permit, please call 816-271-4757. For questions about the general operation of a public pool, spa or similar facility in St. Joseph, please call 816-271-4636.